And now, a new website

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Well, after some time it's here! Let me tell you about it as best as I can.


This new site has been in my head since last year, mostly because I wasn’t satisfied with my previous site, but for personal reasons I couldn’t get to it until the end of january of this year. But in the meantime I did some research for inspiration and design tips. Then, when I finally got the time, I began the design phase.


Ohhh boy, this is the part that changed the most in the whole process, even in the development process I was making changes of the design.

First of all, I made around five home sections with different color palettes and some text I copied from other websites:

Then, I asked for some feedback from friends and family and ended up with one palette:

I let this “final” design rest while I kept organizing my ideas and looking for more references and inspiration. Which leads us to the next part:


This is the part that was clearest to me: Eleventy and CSS (well Sass), and no CSS or JS framework. Why? Because I want to have complete freedom when it comes to building and styling the website, I also wanted the website to load faster and have less weight.

I could manage to build something with Eleventy on my own, but I lacked order and cleanliness in the code. That’s when I finally read thoroughly Andy Bell’s course Learn Eleventy From Scratch which I’ve skimmed through from time to time without paying full atention to it, until I’ve decided to build this website. This course fell like a glove for me, it’s well written and it’s easy to follow and understand. Also it made it easier to understand Eleventy’s Docs.

So that’s the skeleton’s build decided. Now comes the styling.

Here I wanted to go with Sass, and after seeing a lot of videos of Kevin Powell, Gary Simon, among others; and having read various articles and Twitter threads from Andy Bell, Sara Soueidan, Lupita Code, and other good front-end developers, I became more motivated to style the site “by hand”, so to speak.

Now, since I’m quite lazy, I picked up Stephanie Eckles’ Eleventy template to start working with Sass, did some small tweaks and I was good to go.

I’m still figuring out mixins and functions in Sass, so for now I’m sticking with what drew me to Sass: Nesting and the @forward and @use rules.

Now, it’s in this stage when I began to drift (hard) to the current design and was doing changes on the fly, even the fonts and colors changed. Why? Because I found some fonts and colors that I liked more and, in the layout aspect, I wanted to build something fast, without many issues and ready to deploy.

Annother thing I wanted to address while building this website is going for an accessible site. There I also read articles and threads from various developers (those beign Sara Soueidan, Stephanie Eckles and Smashing Magazine, The A11y Project, among others) that are knowledgable in the topic and took notes on what to do and not do.

What I learned.

In addition to what I learned in the Learn Eleventy from Scratch course, here is a small list of what I learned while putting together this site:

  • Making clickable cards with CSS.
  • Better use of CSS custom properties.
  • Reducing the use of JavaScript to almost 0.
  • Better understanding of the fundamentals and principles that come with Web Accessibility.

What’s next?

Well, there’s quite some things I have in a to-do list about the next steps in the progress of this website:

  • Changes to the layout and part of the content to be as close as possible to the final design.
  • Improve accessibility.
  • Dark mode for the prefers-color-scheme: dark.
  • Better image optimization.
  • Clean the CSS/Sass.